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About us

Behind REAL ESTATE CREATIONS is a team of specialists with expertise that has been specialized in real estate.

Our 5 core values are:

1 Quality

Always offer the best: quality is our top priority. We don’t turn our hand to go the extra mile for that.

2 Customer centric

We work for various clients, both nationally and internationally. So we speak many languages, but always that of our customer.

3 Flexible

Unexpected things can happen in our industry. With our extensive experience, we are well attuned to this.

4 In person

Our approach? Roll up your sleeves, but with personal attention. That makes us distinctive. In everything we do.

5 Unburdening

You may see a problem, we have a solution. We think along with you and see possibilities. So refreshing!

Real Estate Creations

As your English-speaking real estate advisor, we search and find the property that meets all your needs through our reliable partner network.

Everything starts with acquaintance and advice. Our personal property advisors would be happy to get in touch with you!


Is a travel enthusiast, very driven, spontaneous and customer focused person, with a bachelor degree in Commerce & Economics. He has built his own detached house, in private commissioning, at the age of 35 and is also experienced in designing and selling residential container (leisure)houses. His dedication to deliver quality and solutions to the customer as a rule rather than an exception, gives him pleasure when working the process with his customers. He knows how to listen carefully to customer needs and to translate this into solutions that will suit the customers wishes and expectations. His friends and professional network know him as a wonderful communicator, combined with his effective way of getting business done. As a real estate consultant he therefore likes to think along with the customer from his experiences and enthusiasm.

Marketing & Service

She lived in Spain during her study at Universidad Publica de Navarra in Pamplona. And now travels between The Netherlands and Spain. Besides her study in International Business & Languages, she also has a degree in Business Administration. And last but not least she recently completed the study of travel agent with specialization in Spain, so she knows the Spanish area very well. She is creative, spontaneous, helpful and solution-oriented and would like to get in touch with you to create solutions for your needs. As a personal property adviser she will help you with the Search Service. Besides that, she is also responsible for the website and marketing.

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